Basie Project – where the software development magic happens

Things we can do for you

The number of stuff we can do for you is limited. We aren’t miracle makers, but our team can perform some minor miracles within the software development industry.


We create chat software that you can either purchase or rent. Software in question isn’t like Basie as that is a large scale project that lasts for years. You can contact us via email and check what kind of chat software we already developed. This includes both WhatsApp like chat as well as channels where hundreds may talk at the same time.


Our company takes orders for the development of applications and software. Contact us and give us an idea and some other info about your request and we will jump on and develop the software you envisioned. We can develop any software even though our focus lies on chat applications.


If you think that your application requires some update to be relevant, then you found the right company. We aren’t interested in working on updates for third-party applications, but we might do that to our existing clients. This is a tedious work and thus don’t expect miracles.


About software development

Software development is a long and tedious process whose results may vary. Some final products are good enough for the market while others become templates for the future ventures. We develop software that is there to assist people in various fields of internet technology.
Basie is just one of our projects that we have undertaken. It is the largest project we have in store but not the only one that will take the world by storm. Stick with us for more news about Basie and other software we develop.

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We specialize in

The specialization of our company lies in the creation of forge software like Basie. We are also quite focused on IRC and other chat software that makes online communication easy. Both of these specializations are interconnected, and they affect each other.
The goal of the development of the Basie is to create software that is capable of creating persistent channels that don’t have disadvantages of the conventional chat software. Check our articles on IRC and see the connection between it and the Basie.

Why Choose Us

You should choose us as a company to develop software for you because we are one of the best web development companies at this moment. This isn’t just a self-marketing move but a fact that is backed up with various reviews as well as achievements we have. You can be confident that we will deliver a superior product if you decide to work with us and you got other satisfied clients to confirm that.