Problems and solutions regarding the Basie – the latest forge project

Many people think that there isn’t any need for new forge software and their way of thinking isn’t wrong. We already have several forge software pieces that perform at different levels of success.
The need for a new project like that exists as none of the existing forges can play at the desired level. Previous forge software has many positive aspects, but none of the applications can perform at the optimal level. That is a problem many parties have tried to overcome, but none of them succeeded. Many came up with solutions but none of those corrected all the mistakes of their software.

Basie – The forge of the future

Now, Basie is our project with which we want to try and build ultimate forge software that won’t contain downsides of other forge software. But to create this software, we must address the issues that plagued previous versions.
One of the issues that many failed to address adequately is the tickets problem. The problem didn’t occur with a small number of Tickets, but the problem became evident as the number of the same increased. The issue worsened with the number of tickets, and the software lost its speed as the issue evolved.
This wouldn’t present an issue if people didn’t use forge for its high processing speed of tickets. But forge should be an ultimate tool that can assist in the work and processing tickets is one of the jobs people need such software for.

Our solution for the Ticket issue

ticketsThe first step in our quest to address the Ticket issue started with the introduction of the middleware to the project. Our middleware is simple, and it requires but a line of code per trace point. This made it possible to read the exact speed of the software and test some solutions and check whether they succeeded.
Our solution isn’t finite as we all experiment with easier ways to address an issue that will reappear again. We tried to erase the order that forces the project to store all information about the ticket issuer at a place where it creates clogging. Our way of dealing with this issue isn’t the best way to address it but we are working toward a permanent solution, and you will be the first one to know when we find it.