Basie project is a business that was founded over five years ago by a small group of people. The goal of the once small business was to work on the Basie – forge software. But the scope of the project was so massive that the company required funds to continue the development of the Basie.
The company decided to create other applications and software and make a profit through them. In the beginning, this was just a way to generate profit, but the expertise of the group attracted a lot of potential clients. This prompted the first expansion of the company where several developers joined in. This continued for several years, and more and more individuals joined the company.

Our team of experts

Right now our company employs dozens of professionals that develop various applications and other software. Some of the work we do is on demand, and some are just us trying new things and making applications we deem attractive and market friendly.

We still work on the Basie, and we expanded that project to include other companies. The complex nature of the Basie and issues it has made it impossible for us to make it work as we want without any help. That is why we are working on the project along with several other parties, and that makes it possible to finish the project in a matter of months rather than years.

Web Developers

A lead web developer is a member of our team that oversees the development of application and software. They usually lead the team that develops an application from the beginning to the end. But their primary duty is to monitor other developers and make sure that the final product doesn’t have any problems.


Lead designer is an individual that leads the team of designers on a project. They have an important duty as the design is an essential part of any software or application. They oversee the design of the project and make sure that there is enough space for all key features.


Code writers are led by the Lead writer whose job is to work on the code lines of the project. They run tests to check the functionality of the code they wrote and to check what needs to be changed. Their decision determines whether the code is good enough to go into the next phase of development or not.