XPIOS Marketing Insight In Future Trends

At the moment we are living in a world that is growing and expanding in all sorts of ways. That being said, our era is distinguished by technological development and progress that we are here to witness. As the technology changes, our world changes with it. So far, we have witnessed the changes in social connections, human interactions, medical achievements, technological achievements and much more. Today we will discuss some of the latest trends in web and mobile applications, and perhaps try to envision where the future might take us.

Being Present

With the help of web and mobile applications, you can always be there for your friends and family, even if you are physically remote. In the future, the technology might even further develop this aspect, and you might be able to physically transfer yourself to a moment in time and witness your friend’s lives. For this to take place, we would have to learn much, much more about quantum physics and learn how to control it. Even though in terms of quantum physics we have merely scratched the surface of this very large field, we can certainly hope that in the future we will make significant changes and progress in this field.

Artificial Intelligence

Shortly, we might expect more work to be done on creating artificial intelligence and trying to make androids that will have human features. While this might seem that it will not happen for another 100 years, all you need to do is to think about the past. So many things changed in the last 100 years that it is impossible to see the progress stopping at this point. At the very least, the progress we achieved will continue to develop at the same pace, if not even speed up. Scientists and robotics engineers are still trying to make the AI that will compare to people and so far they have failed. However, recently a link was found that will make it possible for people to download and upload human DNA in computers, so we might expect to live forever in computers instead.

Travelling Through Time

If you want to travel through time, at this moment all you can do is a reminiscence, watch old pictures and movies or read books. However, we can certainly hope that in the future time travel will be possible. As we speak, scientists are trying to discover how they can bend and control the space and time fabric, which can theoretically be done. If we learn how to control quantum particles, nothing will stop in our way, but this will also mean that we could make changes in human history. The moral questions are too big to answer all of them at the time being, so perhaps it is a good thing that we are not there yet in the technological sense as well.

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