All new Basie – The final version of this forge software

We are proud to announce the completion of the long-awaited Basie 0.6, which is a final version of this forge software. This version of the software will have all features we worked on in the last several months. This version of the Basie is ready to use as we crossed all obstacles that prevented it from operating normally.

The latest list of features we implemented in Basie

After almost six months from our last release, we are very pleased to announce the release of Version 0.6 of Basie. Following is the updated list of features:
• Multiple projects per forge
• Role-based access control
• Pluggable user account management
• Per-project wiki with standard WikiCreole syntax
• Subversion repository browser
• Per-project mailing list and IRC channel
• A simple ticketing system
• Milestones and calendaring
• Cross-component search
• Dashboard summarizing project activity
• Web-based administration
• REST API for web services

These are the features we managed to implement in the software before this final release. Do note that this won’t be the last version of the Basie as we will work on the implementation of new features in the future. We are also interested in the feedback from people who will use our forge software. While we made sure to correct all mistakes with the software there is always something that remains undetected no matter some tests you perform.
Your feedback will create a better Basie
Every user that takes on Basie will find that it has numerous features that can deliver a broad range of activities. This might cause some problems within the software and that imminent. What we ask from those individuals is to send us feedback about the issues they encounter, so we can create updates that will address those problems.