Building a secure chat without Django

You might have noticed that we mention Django software quite often. The reason behind that is quite obvious; it is the most useful tool for development of chat software. We use it to perfect our Basie project, and we wouldn’t use any other tool for that.
This doesn’t mean that you have to use Django for the development of chat software. You can develop chat software without Django, and we will tell you how. We will show you how to create a chat that is both secure and stable without the help of the tool that we use for our primary project aka Basie.

Elements of the chat software you have to keep an eye on

We won’t try to explain how to create chat through listing codes that you should use. No, that type of article won’t help you learn about chat software and how to control it. You have to learn all of that through hard work and dedication.
secure chat softwareWe can, and we will tell you what your chat needs and what can destroy it. Heed our words and apply them to your project like that will lead to perfect chat software that will be both stable and secure.
– Chat software has to possess the ability to store historical messages. Not only that, users must be able to playback those messages. The storage option has to have some form of limit that will prevent clogging which will cause the software to slow down. The permission to playback messages is also something that the software needs to have.
– The core feature of the chat software is talking between two or more parties. This feature has to be perfect as it carries everything that the app represents. Messages have to arrive without any delay between the moment of sending and the moment of the receiving of the message.
– Your chat has to be secure to prevent leakage of private information. You can achieve this in several ways and use SSL encryption is just one of them. SSL encryption is a complex security tool that will keep your chat safe from parties that want to mess with it.